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+7 (495) 646-04-25

Promo Site for Agat / Hyundai

The promotion activities of Agat and Hyundai aimed at promotion of Agat as a dealer of Hyundai cars on Nizhny Novgorod market. During the campaign the participants learned why it was better to buy Hyundai in Agat and took part in a quiz to win valuable prizes.

Within the campaign framework, a promotion site was developed that proved to be the main communication tool for the target group. The site was integrated with social networks which helped to get a wider audience.

Participant profile

To take part in the campaign, users were to register via their profiles in any social network which facilitated automatic download of data about the user.

All participants were offered to enrol for a test drive in a car they were interested in, with the help of an easy integrated form.
General list of participants (over 3,500 people)
Upon registration the participant was redirected to the quiz page and started a fascinating journey consisting of 7 rather simple questions.

Thought the quiz was not really a hard one, at every stage the participant was offered to use tips about what AGAT site could contain the answer to a certain question.

Participants who have taken the quiz were offered to tell about this in social networks due to which other users learned about the quiz and could go to the site and cast their votes for a candidate.

Page with quiz questions and a hidden Easter egg.

We have also designed:

Support the Internet campaign with a big-scale advertising campaign with various types of banners for popular Internet sites.

Inside View

We have also taken care of the site contents, i.e. its administrative part.

To facilitate easy vote counting and tracking of unfair manipulations on the part of unconscientious participants, we developed a modest official interface.

Project Regional Scope:
> 300,000 People
Number Of Project Participants:
3,720 People
Company Sites Ranking
Increased By 25%