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After the site has been created, we offer our customers complex technical assistance such as content upgrade, on-the-spot upgrade of site information and CMS adjustment. This provides high reliability of site services and allows to further extend and improve projects.
Rate plan Start Standart Master Profi Expert
Monthly fee RUB 1,300
per month
RUB 3,250
per month
RUB 6,500
per month
RUB 9,750
per month
RUB 19,500
per month
Utilisation of support specialist per month 2 5 10 15 30
Site traffic report via e-mail + + + + +
Reports at the end of each month + + + + +

Costs of professional support beyond the rate plan: RUB 800 per hour.
If you agree to our offer of support services, you can benefit from having no need for employing a separate expert for site management, providing training and distributing additional work load among employees of the marketing, advertising and PR departments.

It is always better to leave this type of work to experts.
Depending on project scale and load, we also offer best location options.

Benefits Of Our Hosting:

  • High reliability
  • Modern network equipment
  • Quick access to the server, if required
  • You never forget to pay for your hosting, and your site is available 24/7/365
To our customers we offer server location at best data centres of 
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Europe and the USA.

We offer 3 hosting rate plans:

Rate plan Start Profi E-store
Price per month, RUB RUB 500 per month RUB 1000 per month RUB 1,500 per month
Projects Most corporate sites High-traffic sites Big e-stores
Load up to 499 people/day 500 to 999 people/day from 1,000 people/day