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Web Development

We offer to our customers development of promotion and corporate sites and e-stores as well as mobile-adapted web pages.

We care for our customers' time and costs, that is why over the years we have regulated and standardized all site design procedures so that the customer is informed on work progress, performs quality control and gets the required results within the specified term.

Success of a site depends on its functions, design and content as well as on the quality of make-up, typography, graphic optimisation and other details that customers cannot always recognize.

We have developed 6 steps leading to successful project implementation:

Review, Brief
and Offer

We attach great importance to thorough review of customer's aims and needs and expectations towards the future project to be able to make the most interesting and suitable offer corresponding both to the customer's level and the level of our studio.
At this stage we ask the customer to fill in a detailed site development brief to be taken as the basis for making an offer describing the creative idea, strategic grounds, key actions and efficiency assessment criteria.

Design, Prototyping
and Terms of Reference

At this stage we design interfaces for user and site interaction. We then design prototypes of site functional pages, i.e. we prepare a model demonstrating how all parts of the project operate and what they look like.
On the basis of the brief and the prototype we draw up terms of reference with detailed description of the following: project work order, site purposes, software requirements, page design, site structure and set of functions, and work acceptance order.


When prototypes have been prepared and terms of reference approved, a team of skilled designers commences development of dummy site pages. Depending on project complexity, the number of dummies can comprise 2 to infinite.

Make-Up, Programming And Integration

When dummies have been developed and approved, we give them over to make-up specialists.
The set of site functions is programmed on the basis of the CMS (content management system) selected, then a developing team integrates the programme component and design.

Content Filling Of Site

If the customer provides own text or graphical materials, a team of content managers fills the site with actual data.

If the customer has no materials, we offer professional copywriting services (composition of unique topical texts for sites) and further content filling of the site.

Testing Site Integrity and Performance

Though the project is checked and tested at every development stage, we lay special stress upon final testing including verification of compliance of all systems and functions to the terms of reference and requirements.
Big and technically complicated projects are provided with a special thorough final testing schedule setting forth various testing methods and techniques, and undergo an individual load testing.
We never handle the site over to the customer unless we get satisfactory results for all intermediate and final tests.

In some cases we offer autonomous fulfilment of separate stage works.

We make the breakdown of costs transparent for our customers, so they get a separate act and bill for each development stage; and we also practice joint quality control.

We put all our skills, experience and knowledge into our work and discover new things in each project we create.

Due to this we delight our customers with reliable technological solutions and high yield of projects implemented; we never exceed terms or offer amateur products of questionable quality.