Clatch – period calendar

Clatch is a menstrual tracker for women with smart reminders and beautiful analytics

Colleagues from MTS product team turned to us with an unusual request: to develop a mobile application that would help girls monitor their condition and be calm about their women's health

Goals set
Application development for iOS and Android
Integration with MTS ID
Configuring push notifications
Calendar with an option to enter period dates
Possibility of logging symptoms
The functionality of data sharing to the partner and sending push notifications to the partner
Development of a block with stories on the main page with management from CMS
Installing analytics

Design was fully provided by the client and was updated during discussions between MTS and Morizo development team.

From our side, we offered to develop a cross-platform solution that would allow us to release MVP of the product for iOS and Android at the same time.

What can Clatch do?

Calculates the forecast of menstruation and ovulation based on the marks in the calendar
Helps to monitor your well-being and mood every day
Sends push notifications on a schedule according to the specified parameters
Conducts analytics on cycles and statistics on symptoms
Gives you the opportunity to share your data with your close people and accept an invitation to connect in response
Updates informative content on the main page every day

Nothing superfluous in the app

Log your state of health and mood
Analyze the data with your doctor
Customize personal reminders
Plan pregnancy based on calendar data
Share the most important things with your close people
Cheer yourself up with informative content
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