Portal "Travel Assistant" for MTS

«Travel Assistant» — a project dedicated to traveling in Russia

Our country is huge and captivates with a variety of travel opportunities that not everyone knows about. Colleagues from MTS asked themselves how to get users interested in such trips and give them all the necessary tools to easily carry out their plans. Thus began our joint work on a portal that helps travelers in 10 pilot regions take advantage of any of three possible scenarios:

Studying information about the region and attractions
Obtaining information about independent routes in the region
Purchasing a tour from an operator

Pre-project work

At the start of the project, we carried out pre-project analytics, developed prototypes and technical assignment for the project

We studied the experience of the best thematic platforms, analyzed the incoming data on the target audience and offered our vision of the structure and UX for the site. The MTS UI-kit was used in the development of the project, since the project was supposed to become part of the company’s unified infrastructure.

Design and development

The development of the portal was carried out in stages in accordance with the declared scenarios to speed up the launch of the MVP

During the work on the project, the development of the client part and the preparation of the administrative part of the portal were carried out, which allows you to flexibly manage absolutely all the content of the site, process incoming user requests and change the necessary settings.

Scenario 1

Studying information about the region and attractions

In order to implement the scenario, we have developed: the main page with an interactive map of the regions, the detailed page of the regions, the page of attractions, as well as the user’s personal account.
The region’s page provides the most detailed information about it, including a photo gallery, a map of attractions, a calendar of events in the region, books on the topic, music for the perfect trip, traveler reviews and much more.
The detailed pages of attractions tell about each object in detail.
In the same development sprint, article pages were prepared and a user account was implemented with the integration of a single MTS authorization module

Scenario 2

Obtaining information about independent routes in the region

The user is given the opportunity to choose from a variety of ready-made routes for independent travel in the selected region, sorting routes by duration, distance and different types. Each route continues on the map between several points with detailed information about each location. Routes can be added to favorites in your account.

Scenario 3

Purchasing a tour from an operator

For the portal, a catalog of tours from partner operators was prepared with the possibility of selecting tours according to many parameters (region, type, dates, travel budget, complexity, accessibility with children, and others). After studying the detailed information about the tour, the user can leave a request and track the status of its processing by the operator in his personal account.

During the project, we integrated with services

Authorization module MTS ID
MTS geolocation module
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