"ZhKH+" - service for ordering household services

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"ZhKH+" - a convenient service for ordering household services in St. Petersburg

"ZhKH+" offers a new, modern way to solve problems related to housekeeping. The site features a unique set of various services for the home, including insurance. 

"ZhKH+" allows you to quickly, efficiently and legally correctly order a wide range of services and works, paying for them in any form convenient for the client. 

Service structure
Client's personal account
Service operator's personal account
Service partner's personal account
Mobile application for service customers
Mobile application for service workers
The customer reached out to us with a completed technical assignment, prototypes and design of most website pages.

We have performed the following works

Development of additional design of pages based on the corporate identity of the customer.

Designing a system of Personal accounts.
Frontend- and Backend programming
Adaptive layout.

Integration with CMS "1C-Bitrix: Site Management".

API development for mobile applications interaction with the site.

Connection of online payment system YooMoney and online cash desk Chekonline.

Integration with SMS4B sms service.
Integration with the customer's internal services
Integration with the the customer's internal services in terms of processes related to users' personal accounts.

For example, transmitting meter readings or making a payment on the website by entering in a utility bill.
Integration with insurance services
The insurance policy calculator on the website was integrated with the services of "Soglasiye" and "Renaissance".
Technical support and development
After the release of the project in commercial operation we continued to provide technical support and development of new functionality.

Mobile applications that are part of the project were also transferred to us for support.

The service's options for clients

Ordering of household services
Usable catalog.
Payment for the order in several ways: online payment, cash payment, payment by including it in the utility bill.
Possibility to choose the convenient time of the worker's visit.
Purchase of an insurance policy
Real estate insurance is possible in two ways: a fixed monthly payment included in the utility bill, or a one-time payment calculated using an insurance calculator.
Payment of utilities and transmission of meter readings
Functions are available for mobile application users.
Order Status Tracking
The personal account allows you to track the status of the order, as well as view the history of completed orders.

The service's options for partners

Registration in the service of an unlimited number of workers.
The ability to specify the specialization of the worker and distribute orders according to it.
Control of incoming orders and their status.
Control of closing documents by order.
Mobile application for workers that allows you to track assigned orders and check the result of the work performed.
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