"StopDiabetes" mobile app

The mission of the "StopDiabetes" project is to help people who are at risk of developing diabetes to lead a correct and conscious lifestyle that excludes the threat of diabetes.

The customer reached out to us with a completed project concept, and our task was to develop a mobile application.

Health & Fitness app

The app is supported on iOS and Android platforms
A unique design was developed for the app in accordance with the customer's corporate identity
The app consists of several sections which functionality helps users monitor their health and minimize the risks of developing type 2 diabetes
The statistics section allows users to monitor the dynamics by several parameters

"Calorie counter" section

The "Calorie Counter" section helps a user to keep track of what he or she ate during the day and monitor parameters such as calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates - compare values with recommendations.

Products are searched by internal database.

As part of scaling the project external services such as FatSecret can be integrated to expand the product base.

"Glucometer readings" section

In this section, a user can add blood sugar readings to track the dynamics and compare with physical activity and nutrition.

"Medication reminders" section

The "Medication Reminders" section allows a user to create reminders for various medications.

To create a reminder a user fills in such parameters as: the number of appointments per day, the time of admission, the schedule of admission by day, the number of days of the course, etc.

Based on the specified settings, the user receives push notifications.

"Workout program" section

For the "Workout program" section, the customer provided a unique home workout program to help people take their first steps toward a healthy lifestyle. The course is specifically for people who lead sedentary lifestyles and have an excessive body mass index.

The course is made in such a way that a user remains interested in exercising for a long period of time. 

Each workout is accompanied by a video tutorial.

Statistics section

The Statistics section allows a user to track statistics for all sections of the mobile application and monitor the results.

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