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SYNERGETIC is one of the leading Russian eco–friendly brands, the range of which includes products for self-care, laundry and cleaning.

The brand has its own online store that processes thousands of orders every month. On the website, you can buy brand products at a bargain price with fast delivery, activate a loyalty program and save bonuses, participate in promotions and receive special offers.

Since 2021, we have been providing technical support for the SYNERGETIC online store and helping to develop the functionality of the site, making it even more convenient for customers.

What kind of work do we do:

Design of layouts of new pages and revision of current ones to implement new functionality on the site
Frontend dev
Adaptive cross-browser layout of pages and site elements, development of user functionality
Backend dev
Implementation of new functionality on the website, integration with external services
System administration
Support and monitoring of the server 24/7

Some of the tasks we have completed:

Ecomobil webpage

"Ecomobil" is an eco-project of the SYNERGETIC brand, the purpose of which is to form a responsible attitude of buyers to the dumping and sorting of waste. For this project, we have developed a special section on the site, including design, frontend and backend development.

The section includes:

  • Data on statistics of raw materials accepted for processing
  • A map with Ecomobile stop points and fandomats
  • A block with rules for sorting and preparing raw materials for processing
  • Project News

SYNERGETIC blog is a section of the site with useful articles. We developed the design and functionality of the section using prototypes from the client, and integrated it with a convenient mechanism for creating and editing articles through the administrative part of the site.

Articles are grouped by categories, the functionality of sharing articles through social networks has been developed, as well as convenient navigation with recommendation blocks with similar articles has been implemented.

Integration with "Podeli"

Podeli is a service for paying for purchases in parts. As part of the technical support of the site, we have finalized the process of placing an order on the website by integrating the site with the Podeli payment service. 

How it works:

  • The buyer adds the goods to the cart, chooses the payment method "Podeli"
  • Fills out a small questionnaire
  • In case of successful purchase, the buyer pays 25% of the order value immediately, the rest — in equal payments every 2 weeks
  • The order is placed immediately after approval by the service. There are no commissions and overpayments for the buyer
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